Loyola College, Williamnagar, is an Institution of higher learning managed and operated by the members of the Kohima Region of the Society of Jesus. It draws its inspiration from the person and teachings of Jesus Christ and the rich educational tradition of the Society of Jesus.

The Society of Jesus, a Religious Order of men belonging to the Roman Catholic Church, was founded by the Spanish soldier-saint, Ignatius of Loyola, in 1540. It has been active in the field of education since its inception. Within a short time, the Jesuits (as members of the Society of Jesus are popularly known) came to be recognized as the “School Masters of Europe” for their outstanding contribution to education all over Europe. They can be easily identified by the initials ‘S.J.’ after their names. They have served people of all faiths, all over the world – as educators, scientists, explorers, social reformers and as pioneers in various other fields of human endeavour, serving humanity and seeking the glory of God. Service to God and to people has always been the hallmark of Jesuit education.

Today, the Society of Jesus is responsible for over 1865 educational institutions in 65 countries. With the collaboration of approximately 98,000 teachers, they educate over 17,92,000 students worldwide. In India, the Society of Jesus runs 153 High Schools, 38 University Colleges, 14 Technical Institutes and 5 Business Administration Institutes with the help of around 8095 teachers in almost every state of the country. It educates more than 2,34,338 students, belonging to every social class, community and linguistic group. These institutions are a part of the effort of the Catholic Church to share in the educational enterprise in the country. When a student joins Loyola College, Williamnagar, he/she automatically becomes an integral part of the worldwide network of globally reputed educational institutions of excellence, administered and managed by the Society of Jesus. Although at the moment, Loyola College consists of just one modest building block, the Jesuits have ambitious plans to make it a truly up-to-date institution of higher learning, like several well-known Jesuit colleges in the country, in the years to come.